The Battle For Truth

BattleForTruthScripture clearly teaches that there are two & only two churches standing side-by-side at the end of the age. There is the true Church that is walking in truth according to God’s Word, the church that Paul speaks of in 1 Timothy 3:15“the Church of the living God, the pillar and buttress of the truth.” Then there is the false Church, the counterfeit Church that Jesus warns about in the gospels, which is the harlot Church of the Book of Revelation, the bride of antichrist. This false Church is the product of the ministry of false teachers & false apostles & false prophets & that which is manifested in lying signs & lying wonders so that even the elect can be deceived.

Derek Prince says in his book Protection From Deception: We will either be the Bride – a member of the true Church or we will be the harlot – a member of the false Church. No alternatives exist.

This series of messages addresses how we can walk in biblical truth, how to avoid error & deception & how to exercise biblical discernment so that we are part of the Bride of Christ.


Peter Whitcombe - 19th January 2014

The True Bride & the False Bride

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