Israel & the Church in Romans 9-11

This series of messages looks at Israel & God’s redemptive purposes for His chosen nation Israel from Romans 9, 10 & 11. These three chapters of the Book of Romans, chapters 9, 10 & 11, are often skipped over in the teaching & the preaching of God’s Word & are even skipped over & ignored in many of the commentaries available today on the Book of Romans The reason for that is that these three chapters deal with Israel & the Church & they contradict the view of most of the Church today – which is that the Church is the NEW ISRAEL, that God has replaced Israel in His plans & His purposes & that what He once intended for Israel, God now purposes for the Church. This is the LIE & the HERESY known as Replacement Theology which predominates in much of the Church today & in theological colleges also. BUT GOD…. is restoring the understanding of the messianic Jewish roots of our faith to much of the Church at a time when what God has done in recent decades & is doing in & with Israel today, confounds those who hold to the lie of Replacement Theology. End-time prophecies require Israel to be back in the land that God gave them by way of an unconditional covenant promise (Genesis 12:1-3) & end-time prophecies require Israel to be a nation again. The birth of Israel in 1948 in the fulfilment of prophetic Scripture set both of those scenarios in place.

If you don’t know God’s plans & purposes for Israel as revealed in Scripture, then you cannot understand end-times & if you don’t understand end-times from Scripture, then you are in danger of dwelling carelessly like the five foolish virgins. This is an important series of messages.


Peter Whitcombe - 3rd July 2016

Israel & the Church in Romans 9-11 Introduction (1)

Romans 9-11 reveal much about Israel & the Church & about God's purposes for the restoration & salvation of Israel. However, much of the Church ignores these three chapters & misses the truth detailed in them.

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