Jesus First NZ / An Apostolic Movement of Autonomous Churches

Jesus First, New Zealand...

Jesus First, New Zealand is an apostolic movement of autonomous, mutually submitted, mutually accountable, Elder-led Churches who are committed to each other and to the fulfilment of God’s kingdom purposes. Oversight is by an apostolic team of leaders with specific focus on the relational, effective outworking of the five-fold ministries of Ephesians 4:11.

Our Beliefs Vision & Focus North Shore Leadership


To establish covenant relationships within a network of Churches and leaders.

To provide a fellowship of local Church pastors & elders
– who have chosen to identify themselves with other pastors & to submit to apostolic covering
– who relate together in spiritual humility, mutual accountability & submission, co-operation & fellowship
– who recognise and value each other’s call, gifting and ministry
– who function together in honest, open communication, in general unity & doctrinal compatibility.

To provide apostolic fathering and input for Churches and leaders.

To hold ministries accountable in their marriage, ministry, message, methods, morality, finances and ethics.

To pastor the pastors and other five-fold ministries.

To maintain doctrinal purity.

To provide mediation in Church conflicts.

To provide teaching and training for leaders and Churches.

To see the release of the five-fold ministries to the local Church & the functioning of the apostle/prophet ministry as a foundational ministry for the establishment & grounding of Churches and ministries
– sending of pastors, evangelists & teachers to assist local Churches.

To facilitate the recognition and operation of the five-fold ministries in the local Church
– recognise those with five-fold ministry callings
– work with the local Church and leaders to equip and release these ministries.

To assist with local Church and leadership administration assistance and resource
– assistance with dealing with government departments/requirements
– local Church administration including accounting, budgets, handling finances, insurance, staff
– pooling of resources for teaching, training, administration etc..

Key Philosophies

Churches and local leadership are inter-dependent – at times needing the assistance and support of others in the Body of Christ.

Churches and local leadership are required to be accountable within the network of Churches.

Churches are self-governing and self-supporting yet pastors can enjoy the security of meaningful accountability that also provides checks and balances in their leadership.

Relational oversight without governmental control. The apostolic team have relational authority with leaders so discipline can be applied if necessary. If we do not have relationships that can bring discipline, then there is no genuine accountability and no possibility that genuine accountability can exist.